Kendall Auto Protection

We take great pride in our extensive inventory of high caliber pre-owned vehicles. Each gently used vehicle has passed through our comprehensive multi-point inspection. This gives us the knowledge that we are providing you with nothing but the very best and gives you the peace of mind that your new pre-owned vehicle is in optimal condition. 

For ultimate peace of mind, we offer the Kendall Auto Protection Plan in Bend and the Kendall Auto Protection Plan in Eugene on all qualified used vehicles. Why do you need this protection plan? Because life happens. It happens despite our best plans, efforts, and with no regards to timing. For example, you're running late for work and run over a nail you can't see in the road. Suddenly you're late for work with a blown out tire, a bent axle, and no time to get to a mechanic. Luckily, you purchased the Kendall Auto Protection Plan which includes towing, roadside assistance, and even substitute transportation reimbursement. Problem solved. 

Then there's all the moving parts that require maintenance and repair. The Kendall Auto Protection Plan steps in again to save the day. From powertrain coverage to the transmission and beyond, Kendall has your back. You keep money in your bank account and we get you back on the road in no time. The Kendall Auto Protection Plan even covers front, rear, and all-wheel drive units. That's no small offering either, given that our vehicles drive through rain, snow, and mud here in the Pacific Northwest and in Alaska. It's good to know that no matter what kind of weather comes your way, or what kind of road you find yourself driving down, you'll be balanced out and set right again by Kendall. 

We sell the best pre-owned vehicles in the area to the best customers in the nation. That's why we want both you and your vehicle to be covered when you drive away from our dealership. Having coverage is the smart thing to do whether you're a student that only drives to and from classes, a family with errands and carpool every morning, or someone that takes long trips to different states. The Kendall Auto Protection Plan covers you here at home and nationwide. From the regular to the unexpected, let us protect you with an auto coverage plan so thorough it is unheard of at other dealerships

We're not like other dealerships and this is not your average auto plan. Be smart, be safe, and be prepared with the Kendall Auto Protection Plan. 

*Our Multi-point inspection does not guarantee a recall free vehicle. For more information see